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He is happy because he is in a rich geography, he has a wide back strong, warm-blooded, with valleys strong with mountains, adorned with greens a hospitable city with its people.

Seydişehir is a city of love. It is the city of Seyid. Seyid Harun Veli, named after him With a spiritual peace, a unique harmony with its unique nature, you live in your heart you will feel this love. Kuğulu, which offers a different viewing pleasure in every season nature park, world famous Tınaz hill cave and unique natural beauties This city welcomes you with love.

In addition to these unique beauties, Seydişehir offers healing thermal waters. it becomes the attraction of the region. Thermal existence known for more than 20 years sources, Seydişehir Municipality's recent work unearthed. Seydişehir under the direction of President Mehmet Tutal Municipality, by using its resources efficiently, with great courage and stability, brought investment to regional tourism. Another dream of the region has come true.

5 km from Seydişehir center, 13 thousand m2 open, 5 thousand m2 closed Seydi Şifa is the most popular thermal health tourism in the thermal region. is an important investment. Separate pool complexes for men and women, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, fitness section, infirmary health services, lobby and With all the areas including vitamin cafe, it is a holiday for four seasons and 365 days. Specially planned for those who want to experience a spa Say hello to the comfortable and spacious areas of Seydi Şifa.

Arriving at the thermal facility by leaving the depth of 650 meters with a temperature of 43 degrees and thermal water reaching the proper temperature, network in many facilities with all minerals and healing without going into cooling process with water. used like. For this reason, the natural spa water does not lose anything from its essence.

Seydi Şifa thermal waters are the most important in the world with their rich mineral structure. It has an equivalent structure with its hot springs. Healthy mineral water with plenty of minerals Compromising health and comfort from separate thermal pools filled with men and women You will benefit without giving. With the benefits of world-famous thermal water you will feel more vigorous and healthy. Quality is constantly monitored retained thermal pools of many diseases that decrease the quality of life will support the healing process.